HDAV Media Outdoor LED Display

Did you know?

As a technology leader HDAV is pleased to partner with our customers to effectively present an electronic message in the most cost effective way. Businesses often select their advertising medium and messages based upon the cost per thousand exposures of their message to the public. You can feel confident knowing that HDAV's mission is to provide high quality on the go advertising. We doubt any others will come close to matching our efficiency and cost-effectiveness dollar for dollar in respects to your electronic message.

Using digital signs in retail storefronts offer many features and benefits not available with conventional posters. Digital signage in a retail storefront grabs the potential customers attention as far as the street and as close as your door. It also eliminates the high cost of creating and distributing printed materials. You have the flexibility to change your promotions or rotate them more often and with less ongoing cost.

About Us:

    Mobile (trailer / truck) LED sign is a very fast growing market: big three sided trailer LED sign, double sided trailer LED sign, one side small truck LED sign, etc. become very popular and attracts more and more attention since the advantage of short viewing distance (more close to the audience), vivid HD video effect, fast moving to accumulate large audience.

    More & more media company rent more trucks/trailers and mount the HD video LED screen on the 2 sides or 3 sides to make advertising for some special advertising customer.

    For the mobile LED screen, the commonly used model is 10 mm LED video display screen which has close viewing distance and high resolution make the best display effect for audiences. Besides 10 mm LED video display screen,if the size of the LED screen is larger, for example, 15sqm to 20sqm, then to choose PH16 and PH20 virtual is also a cost-effective method, but make sure the viewing distance should be reasonable. Meanwhile, others key points items shouldn't be forgot: the waterproof and dustproof, anti-shock, high brightness.

    Billboard Advertising full color video LED sign is one of the most popular application of the LED sign. Our digital billboards are the respected choice among outdoor advertising companies today. We've designed more, built more, and installed more outdoor digital billboards than any other manufacturer. We have the qualified experience you need to get the job done right and within your budget.

    HDAV has developed a new backlight for Light-Emitting Diode (LED) based Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)TVs, which drastically reduces the component costs a 42" LCDTV. All LCD TVs require a backlight to illuminate the pixels of the screen and HDAV shifts backlight designs from traditional fluorescent bulbs to LED-based backlights for richer colors and extended lives. HDAV deploys the leading method of backlighting LCDs using LEDs direct lighting, given the current larger screen sizes design improved color mixing method creates an edge-less TV.